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Marriott Traveler

Road Tripping Montana and Wyoming's National Parks on a Budget

From Devils (Tower) hot to Glacier (National Park) cool, a road trip that starts in eastern Wyoming before heading northwest into Montana will overload your mind with the wonders of nature — in the best possible way. Another perk? You can make the drive without taxing your wallet.

Marriott Traveler

Bluegrass and the Blue Ridge: A Mountain Music Road Trip

Bluegrass and old-time Appalachian music pair beautifully with a Blue Ridge Parkway road trip — after all, the genres grew out of the area.

Marriott Traveler

Top 10 Road Trips to Take this Summer

Whether your style skews red-hot convertible or comfy, old-school Caddy, life’s better when you’re road tripping. Don’t worry, these trips aren’t about speeding ahead; the only rules of the road for our top 10 are fun, sights aplenty and collecting stories tell for years to come.

Marriott Traveler

Travel Smarter: 8 Summer Vacation Planning Hacks

Summer travel shouldn’t be a chore. With the help of these travel hacks, you’ll give the headaches of travel planning (and, OK, some of the traveling itself) the heave-ho and get to work on your tan in no time flat. Just don’t forget the suntan lotion. Alas, our hacks won’t fix a sunburn.

Marriott Traveler

Traveling with Your Dog? Pack These Essential Items for Your Next Trip

Your four-legged family member deserves a vacation, too. After all, she brings you back to happy when you get home from a long day of work and errands. Such is life. (Sigh.) Until you see your pooch and all is well, right?
Well, there’s good news, pup lovers. Heading out on the road — or up in the air — with your furry tyke doesn’t require much gear. Whether your dog’s style leans toward basic or fancy (those poodles!), pups are generally easy to pack for. Here is some of the best go-to gear for dogs-on-the-go.

Marriott Traveler

Top 10 Adventures to Have This Summer

Whether your summer to-do list includes excitement of the heart-racing variety or you prefer sticking with adventures of a gentler nature, there’s serious satisfaction ahead. With an understanding that one person’s adventure may be another’s “Are you kidding me? I’m not doing that!” here are 10 of the world’s best adventure outings. Choose one that fits your desired level of pulse pounding — or if you dare, go even bigger.